Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh By the Way...

Did I mention my little sister is getting married this June?  And my older sister is expecting her first baby two weeks after the wedding?  SO excited!  That also means I get to throw a shower for each of my sisters :-)

My little sister is having an outdoor wedding with the bridesmaid dresses being orange.  Not my first choice when it comes to dress colors, but it will look beautiful outside in the sunshine. (Yes I've already decided it WILL be a gorgeous sunny day.)  Here is a picture of the bridesmaid dresses:

(Picture from David's Bridal)

Looks good right?  Now begins operation lose weight.  I may or may not have gained 30 pounds since getting married...  But who's counting right?

SPEAKING of gaining weight... Pretty sure my older sister has gained nothing since getting pregnant. 

I can't wait until June!

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