Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Long Weekend Heaven

So right after I finally figured out how to start my blog... I had a four day weekend and decided not to blog!  But no worries, I was hard at work on my new project (which I am very excited about!)

After months of living with this cushion-less sofa in our front room I finally decided to tackle the daunting task of reupholstering it.  Scratch that... not just reupholstering it... recreating it!  Why even bother?  Well we bought the sofa on Craigslist along with a love seat, two chairs, three end tables and a coffee table.  Everything was in great condition except this here sofa.  Oh you don't see a problem other then the lack of cushions?  Well allow me to give you a closer look:

This lovely brown stain likely came from the fact that the entire couch was encased in specially-made plastic covers since it was purchased sometime in the 70's.  I'm guessing a spill managed to get past the plastic unnoticed and was left in there to marinate until we came along.

Now if I had you fooled by our sofa's good looks from afar, please note that this is not an actual antique.  This is a knock-off from the 70's that came with a very bad paint job.  I'm all for distressed... but right now the frame just looks dirty.  So in addition to new fabric, I will be sanding, re-carving, and staining the frame.

Here's something little Lucy (our new puppy) has been working on.  She agrees that the old material needs to go. In my next post I'll have to share a little more about Kevin, myself and our adorable little pup.

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