Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An Orange and Purple Affair... The Day Begins

Guess what day today is?

It's my little sister's 24th birthday!!!

And I thought in honor of Brittany's special day I would share some pictures from another very special day that took place a few weeks ago... her wedding day!  But there are so many photos I want to share that I decided I can't do it all in one post (or this post would go on for days) so consider this Part One.

Oh and I better warn you in advance...  These are some seriously.  gorgeous.  photos. 

(If you're getting married in the Indianapolis area I strongly encourage you to check out LINNEALIZ Photography who took all these amazing photos!)

The day began at Brittany's house with a little hair and makeup:

And if anyone noticed or is concerned by the fact that Brittany chose to wear a t-shirt... don't worry... we cut her out of it so that her hair and makeup didn't get messed up :-)

Meanwhile,  Josh was also preparing for the big day:

After hair and makeup, all the bridesmaids gathered at the Mansion where the wedding was being held in order to finish getting Brittany ready.  First we tried to get her dressed... which was no easy feat with the 5 million layers of tulle and fabric.  Then Brittany (reveling in the moment I think) started to slowly spin as we lowered the dress over her head... making it even more difficult!

"Brittany, why are you spinning???"  Megan asked with a laugh.  Silly Brittany :-)  Once we got her to stand still the dressing process went a lot faster!

After she had her dress on we added the necklace and earrings:

And finally it was time to put on her veil:

Ready everyone?  Let's get these two married!


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