Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Letter to My Very First Nephew

Sweet little Nolen,

Finally you're here!  It was only two days ago that you came into the world...  and I couldn't wait to meet you when I found out you had arrived!  I loved you the moment I saw you.  When I held you in my arms I couldn't take my eyes off your perfect little face... truly you're a gift from God, fearfully and wonderfully made! 

People say that you're big for a new baby but to me you're so very little... little hands, little feet and the cutest little nose I've ever seen. And your tiny little mouth is constantly at work while you sleep, making sweet baby sounds as you smack your little lips. It amazes me to think that one day you'll grow into a man! For now I am simply looking forward to seeing you open your eyes and begin to absorb the world around you.

So far you seem content to sleep quietly while you're passed from person to person. I hope you behave as well for your parents tonight when you're finally home together for the first time. They're new at this so make sure to let them get a little sleep from time to time.  Know that you're a blessed little boy who has been given two amazing parents that will love you, teach you, and encourage you as you grow.

And I will do the same in my role as your aunt.  I'm thankful to live so near to you that I'll be able to see you as often as your parents will let me!  And I guess I'll learn to share you with your other aunts and uncles :-)  Sweet little Nolen, how happy I am that you are here to stay.


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