Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Morning After the Blizzard

Isn't it refreshing to wake up to freshly fallen snow?  It's so pure and untarnished.  And the morning after the blizzard we got two feet of beautiful white snow!  Of course that meant a LOT of shoveling... but I didn't mind since Kevin did most of that :-)  What a great husband!

I decided to head out on another walk before the shoveling began to capture some of the snowy sights.

 This is what greeted me as soon as I opened the back door.  Love it!

The steps had a foot of snow on them...

...good thing I had my boots on!

Since it was so windy during the storm the height of the snow varied a lot from place to place.  This side of the house by far ended up with the most snow.  It was basically one big drift.

Just to give you an idea of how deep it was... our air conditioning unit is in there somewhere.

This drift was almost higher then our fence!

Our poor vase got swallowed up in the snow.  And without a garage... our cars looked pretty much the same.

Above you can see Kevin's car...

...and this was my car!

Maybe we should have invested in a snow blower :-)

Getting out of the yard was the toughest part.  But the plows had been working all night so once I made it to the road it was pretty easy to walk around.


Notice our gate, steps and window boxes!  We couldn't even open the front door!


And here are a few more of the pretty winter sights that I saw on my walk around the neighborhood...

 By the time I got back Kevin had started the process of digging out our cars. 

I took these photos after he had been at it for over an hour!

 It took him more then two and a half hours just to clear out enough snow to move our cars!  What a stud!

Don't worry, I shoveled a little too :-)  Since Kevin didn't have boots I had made him this path out to the driveway.  Then I decided to do a fun little photo shoot with Lucy.
At least I thought it was fun...

...but Lucy is not a fan of anything cold... she did NOT think it was fun.

But this last photo won her a free dog coat at a local pet store!  We haven't picked it out yet but I'll make sure to take some photos of her wearing it once we do.

See you later and stay warm out there!

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