Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Blizzard of 2011

It finally came!  The storm of the  c e n t u r y !  And I loved every second of it!

Right around 2:30PM on Tuesday the storm really started to pick up, so they let us leave work 2 hours early (yay!)  Unfortunately everyone else in the area also left work at the same time so traffic was awful with or without the snow.  As my dad drove me home (Thanks Dad!) we witnessed the fog of tiny snowflakes piling up fast.  Ben (my brother) drove past us in the other direction as we waited to turn through an intersection.  Ben didn't see me wave through the curtain of snow.

Thankfully my dad got me home safely and Kevin followed shortly after that.  Thus began our night of hunkering down.  My wonderful husband had stopped at the store a few days prior to stock up on groceries in anticipation of "the big one."  So we had everything we needed to make two delicious pizzas for dinner.  Kevin's was classic style while mine was hummus and bell pepper pizza. 

After relaxing and eating our yummy dinner I (of course) thought it would be fun to go out in the blizzard.  So while I bundled up, Kevin put on a pea coat and sneakers.

We got as far as the end of the block to take this picture when Kevin decided he needed to turn back :-)  My silly, non-bundling, tough guy.  So while he warmed up back inside with Lucy, I continued my walk. 

It was so peaceful out.  The wind was strong but I was still warm dressed in all my layers.  The only light came from the street lamps and when I looked up at them I could see the tiny snowflakes rush by with the wind.  The height of the storm hadn't hit yet... I had about an hour or so before it arrived. 

As I rounded the block I could see the light from our house through the trees.  I remember feeling so thankful at this point.  There I was, purposly walking into this treacherous weather, when all over the country there were people who would have given anything to get out of it.  I truly felt blessed to be able to return to a warm house and loving family once I'd had enough of the cold.

There wasn't another person to be seen.  Everyone was tucked away in their homes as they waited out the storm.

After walking another few minutes I came upon a local graveyard.

Is it strange that I love little old graveyards like this?  As I walk by and see the names on the crumbling markers I can't help but wonder about their untold stories of the past.  So much history locked away forever.

At this point the cold wind was slowly creeping into my bones so I decided to head for home.

Walking up to the front of the house I saw that we already had a lot of shoveling to do in the morning... and the worst of the storm still hadn't arrived yet.

But I'll save my photos from the morning after the blizzard for my next post since this one has gotten pretty long already...

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