Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Feel the Garage Sale Bug Beginning to Bite!

Even though I didn't find this at a garage sale... it awoke the same thrifty spirit you get at one.  I've been wanting a sewing cabinet for awhile now and finally I found one on Craigslist for just slightly more then I wanted to pay.  So being the wheeler and dealer that I am I offered the guy $25 less then he was asking and wouldn't budge when he countered for a bit more.  (I figured that if he really wanted the cabinet gone then he would take a low offer and if not... I would just keep looking.)  But he accepted so today Kevin and I went and picked it up.  Here it is in its new home:

I had to scrub off a layer of smoker's grime but now it's sparkly moderately clean.  The side compartments (which flip open at the top) will be perfect for umbrellas and the drawers already hold some of  Lucy's walking items (sweaters, leash, treats and baggies for her... ahem.)

And our lamp from Kevin's parents looks perfect here :-)  But the little box next to it won't be staying for long since it's for Brittany's shower and something she gets to keep.  More on that laaaater!

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